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Multifunctional Skincare in reusable Terracotta Sculptures that cares for the Skin Microbiome while reducing CO2


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  • 6-in-1 Anti Aging Serum
    6-in-1 Anti Aging Serum

    6-in-1 Anti Aging Serum

    Regular price €119,00
  • 5-in-1 Amber Multi Balm
    5-in-1 Amber Multi Balm

    5-in-1 Amber Multi Balm

    Regular price €59,00
  • 5-in-1 Butter Pebble
    5-in-1 Butter Pebble

    5-in-1 Butter Pebble

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  • 5-in-1 Avocado Oil Cleanser
    5-in-1 Avocado Oil Cleanser

    5-in-1 Avocado Oil Cleanser

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  • “Goodness of nature and effective formulas without preservatives combined with perfect, minimalist design”

  • “Combines minimalist interiors with mighty ingredients”

  • “It looks like an object found in a design atelier, except it's the packaging of a prodigious multipurpose serum”

  • “Their 6in1 Serum is fast approaching cult status”

  • “Their approach is completely sustainable throughout the value chain - from sourcing, CO2 reduction, non-use of water to choice of packaging”

  • “Beauty meets art with next-generation Scandi beauty brand”

Oquist's philosophy lies in the Art and Beauty of Nature

This inspired us to craft waterless and multifunctional products that not only preserve the vitality of your skin (which is, in essence, a part of nature) but also respect the delicate balance of our planet. In our commitment to Earth, we've chosen to house our formulations in sustainable clay sculptures, designed to be upcycled in your home, paying homage to the cyclical beauty of nature.

Why Waterless?

Our waterless skincare formulas are designed to provide you with 100% product value. Unlike traditional skin and body care products that contain 80-97% water as a filler, our formulas utilize only key ingredients, ensuring a more potent and versatile product. This approach not only reduces unnecessary weight during shipping but also minimizes the need for excessive packaging. Furthermore, by eliminating water from our formulations, we are able to create preservative-free products while significantly lowering our Carbon Footprint by around 80%.

Awaken your skin's inherent abilities

Crafted with natural, clean ingredients, our products nurture the skin microbiome which helps recover the skin barrier. Embrace simplicity with preservative-free formulations, free from irritating ingredients like perfume, alcohol, and stabilizers. This thoughtful approach enables your skin to redirect its energy towards its innate functions: self-hydration and self-regeneration. Elevate your skincare routine and reveal a radiant glow that celebrates your skin's inherent vitality

Terracotta packaging

Our packaging concept, "Skinterior", is the result of a collaborative effort with ceramic artists. Each piece of packaging has been carefully crafted to tell its own unique story. It is our hope that this story will continue to unfold in your home, whether as an upcycled object or a vessel for the same product again.

Terracotta is a sustainable clay material that comes straight from the soil. It takes little energy (and CO² emissions) to produce and doesn't contain any toxins or chemicals

Meet the founders

Olga and Pavel, a father and daughter duo, established Oquist Cosmetics in the latter part of 2021. Their extensive expertise in the cosmetic industry and their commitment to sustainability and love for the arts all turned out to be perfectly channeled into their unique concept - World's first luxury skincare in terracotta sculptures

  • 0% Irritants

  • 0% Preservatives

  • 0% Water

  • Cruelty Free

  • Zero Waste

  • Climate Friendly

The Essentials

  • 5-in-1 Peach Oil Cleanser
    5-in-1 Peach Oil Cleanser

    5-in-1 Peach Oil Cleanser

    Regular price €49,00
  • 6-in-1 Anti Aging Elixir
    6-in-1 Anti Aging Elixir

    6-in-1 Anti Aging Elixir

    Regular price €126,00
  • Day&Night Face Bundle 25% off (Save €61)
    Day&Night Face Bundle 25% off (Save €61)

    Day&Night Face Bundle 25% off (Save €61)

    Regular price €245,00 Sale price €184,00
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  • Test & Travel Kit
    Test & Travel Kit

    Test & Travel Kit

    Regular price €39,00

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