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Reusable Terracotta Packaging

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    When Oquist was still just an idea we already knew we wanted to create a packaging that could serve for other needs. We wanted to create a packaging design that the consumer wants to keep and repurpose. That's why each packaging has been created as a piece of art in collaboration with ceramic artists

  • Terracotta & Sustainability

    When deciding on which packaging material to use for Oquist's products, we compared different materials based on the six most impactful sustainability criteria (see diagram). Although carton is the most sustainable material it is not suitable for storing cosmetic products. At the same time, bio- and semi-degradable plastics are not suitable for upcycling/repurposing. We were happy to realize that terracotta clay is the most sustainable material both from an upcycling as well as from a Low Carbon Footprint perspective. And it is perfect for storing cosmetic products.

Zero machines, only caring hands

Our packaging is produced in Riga Latvia, right across the street from Pavel’s boutique cosmetic factory. No machines are used during the production process (except for the oven used for firing the material, of course). Liquid terracotta is poured into carved forms where it sits over night to solidify. After solidifying each vessel is carefully taken out from its form and polished by hand to eliminate any unevenness. The vessels are then left to dry for a second round before they are heated in the oven to obtain its characteristic terracotta structure and hardness.