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Waterless & Multifunctional Formulas

The fact that all Oquist's formulas contain 0% water has a tremendous impact on both your skin and our planet. Read below to find out how.

For Conscious Skin


0% Preservatives

Mold and bacteria grows where water is present, which means that adding preservatives is a necessity when a cosmetic product contains water. The preservatives (chemical or natural) are added to help kill unwanted living organisms. Some preservatives are directly dangerous to human health as well as the planet, while other may just create some minor irritation of the skin. Either way, one cannot say that preservatives are good. Waterless formulas allows us to eliminate the need for preservatives in all of Oquist's products.



Waterless formulas are more potent than water based equivalents which also allows for multifunctionality. Instead of multiple steps and products, we advocate for a less-is-more approach, which is better for your skin, your time and your wallet.



Inflammaging is a low-intense chronic inflammation process that most people develop as we age. This process is asymptomatic but speeds up the ageing process of all our organs, including the skin. It weakens the skin barrier which leads to a breakdown of elastin and collagen. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture. To slow down inflammaging it is crucial to eliminate inflammation of the skin (even asymptomatic). Oquists formulas are free from irritants leading to inflammation but also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that helps soothe ongoing inflammatory processes.


Protecting Skin Microbiome
& Skin Barrier

The latest dermatologic research shows that the condition of our Skin Microbiome (set of bacteria living in symbiose with our skin) and the Skin Barrier are crucial for the health, rejuvenation and efficient functioning of our skin. Just like we need a balanced gut microbiome for a functioning immune system, our skin microbiome has important functions for the health of our skin. Preservatives (which are designed to eliminate bacteria) can disrupt our natural microbiome balance, leading to disruption in our skin's ability to self regulate and self hydrate. This disruption can also be caused by a set of chemical toxins commonly found in cosmetic products. A malfunctioning microbiome leads to dry skin, eczema, acne, and premature aging. Oquist's formulas are designed to help keep a balanced microbiome by the absence of disruptive toxins and preservatives, while boosting it with antioxidants.

For Consious Earth


Less Consumption

While multifunctionality is great for your skin and your time, it is also kinder to the planet. Producing and shipping unnecessary product units creates unnecessary CO2 emissions and excess packaging. With our products as proof we hope to break the vicious cycle of over consumerism.


Harmless to Nature & Eco Systems

By eliminating preservatives and other toxic ingredients from our formulations we ensure nothing in our products harms and pollutes our waters, living organisms or eco systems. Most countries do not have advanced water treatment systems in place, so we wanted to make sure the safety of the afterlife of our products wouldn't depend on where in the world the product is being used. It is perfectly safe to pour Oquist's products in open nature, while we hope you would prefer to do so on your skin.


Low Carbon Footprint Strategy

A standard cosmetic product contains of 80-97% water as a so called “filler", meaning it has no function in the efficiency of the product in itself. This allows for larger volumes of product at a low price (since water is basically free), while the water itself is harmless to our health (aside from the ensuing preservatives). The problem lies in the fact that extra water is leading to 80-97% of additional and unnecessary packaging and unnecessary weight and space during shipment - activities known for releasing high levels of CO2 emissions. By eliminating water from our cosmetic formulations we therefore produce 80-97% less CO2 emission, while offering you 100% pure skincare for your money.