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By Olga Ringquist

Does Waterless Mean No Hydration?

We choose to make our formulas waterless for several reasons. Firstly, it impacts our carbon footprint as a skincare brand quite significantly. There is no unnecessary weight and volume in the value chain and you as a consumer can enjoy a concentrated product that lasts much longer.


Secondly, excluding water allows us to skip preservatives which is better for your skin barrier and microbiome. How preservatives affect our planet in their after life is still not fully understood and luckily not something we have to worry about.


But how will it hydrate my skin if theres no water in the moisturizer, you may ask. First of all, hydration comes from water and moisture comes from oils, and there is a common misconception that hydration of the skin comes from the water in creams and lotions. True hydration comes from the water molecules in the air and from the water we drink/eat. Our skin barrier (if fully functioning) takes these molecules and hydrates all the skin layers from the inside out. An optimal hydration and moisturizing level comes from within through something called the water-oil balance. While topical application does give a temporary mechanic hydration of the outer skin layer, it doesnt hydrate the deeper skin layers. So instead of keeping the skin barrier busy with trying to stop irritants from topical products penetrating the skin, we believe its best to let it do