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100 ml
6-in-1 Serum Refill
Refill for the 6-in-1 Serum, 100 ml. Open the stopper at the bottom of the ceramic vessel and clean the insides with a toothbrush and a drop of dishwasher detergent. Can also be washed in the dishwasher machine. Let dry. Open the refill bag and pour the product inside the ceramic vessel through the hole at the bottom (make sure to have the upper stopper inserted while filling up the vessel). Carefully insert the stopper at the bottom again.

Dispose or reuse of the refill bag:
Wash the bag with dishwasher detergent and let air dry. Can be reused as a storage bag for food or anything that requires hermetic storage. Recycle as soft plastic OR put it in the pre-payed return envelope and have it sent to us so that we can properly recycle it on our end.

Please use the code ENVELOPEME at checkout if you wish to receive a return envelope with your refill

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