Serum, Butter, Balm, Cleanser
We rarely do offers like this: enjoy 4 full sized products in ceramic at a 35% discount!

6in1 Serum OR Elixir (original price €119/€126, choose in checkout form)
5in1 Butter (original €68)
5in1 Balm (original price €59)
5in1 Cleanser (original price €49)

Total original price €302
Black Friday offer €197

The 4 products equal 24 uses and is all you need for a full body and face beauty routine for the whole family and that will last long into 2024.

Note: The colors of the products may differ from the picture. The kit will contain of 4 products in 4 different colors. Which colors will apply to which product will depend on the current stock situation. Our aim is to spread the 4 different colors over the 4 different products.
100ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml
Offer available Only Friday Nov 17 - Sunday Nov 26
Stock is limited, first come first served
All You Need (4 products = 24 uses)
* Colors may differ from the picture. We work with the current stock and put together
Save €105
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