& Daughter
was founded by a father and daughter duo, both with extensive experience in the cosmetic industry and a heart for nature and sustainability
We are a 360 conscious cosmetic brand that cares for your skin, health and the planet. 360 means we've taken a total approach to our footprint on planet Earth - from sourcing of ingredients, CO2 emissions, multifunctionality, water preservation, non toxicity for health and pollution, to packaging material, its design and responsible afterlife. Our strategy allows us to reduce our carbon emissions by 80-97% compared to conventional cosmetic brands.
Pavel has been developing natural and organic wellness and cosmetic products for the European market for over 20 years. His clients have mainly been pharmaceutical companies, FMCG retail brands and Health & Wellness brands.
Olga's professional experience has been within sales and marketing in well-known Swedish fashion and beauty retail companies.
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